Royal Trio Prince Harry, William and Kate Help's Wounded Soldiers Donate £100,000

Prince and Princess Kate Middleton Donation "£100,000" For Injured Soldiers 

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge "Prince William, Kate Middleton" and Prince Harry donate £100,000 to wounded soldiers from the raise funds for the Walking with the Wounded charity.

As a Royal family member as well as the British army team member, Prince Harry meets along with Kate Middleton and Prince William with his fellow Australian and American comrades at schedules meeting with freedom fighters.

Harry said that "They've given their all for the cause of freedom,". According to the Chief executive of Royal Foundation Nick Booth statement that" Royal trio are all dedicated to helping our wounded undertake truly great adventures and sporting achievements as part of their recovery".

More over they siad they will be with them at any occasion and every moment.

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